I’ve always been a bit of a wallflower when it comes to new makeup brands. This is why I hopped on the Milk Makeup bandwagon four years after its launch. My skin is always so temperamental, and so I tend to stick to the same ole routine.

That said, I’m not a makeup prude. I find it super exciting when there’s a new product the world is raving about. I have to admit I’m very impressionable, but the simple fact is that I just like to take my sweet time before actually committing to a product.

The Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer was one of those products. The thing that attracted me most to it was that it’s a skin care dream. It’s a silicone- and oil-free primer that’s infused with hemp-derived CBD extract, blue agave extract, hyaluronic acid, and B vitamins. The ingredients almost make you forget that it’s a makeup product at all. On top of all the skin care goodness, the primer promises to lock-in makeup all day and create a smooth finish. So basically, this primer has super powers.

The brand itself has been quite influential in the makeup industry. Yes – it’s a baby brand but, it’s cosmetic line is clean and cruelty-free. Truth be told, I haven’t sampled other products from their collections – but I’m super eager to.

My skin is primarily dry with the exception of my t-zone. Like I said, it’s temperamental. I think I could soak my face in hyaluronic acid for hours at end and my face would still be as dry as the desert. That’s a slight exaggeration, but not really.

Typically, before I even dream of applying my makeup, I have to dose up on hydration. I saturate my face in everything from serums to face creams to moisturizing cleansers, and face masks. I’m super careful about choosing skin care products that don’t contain drying ingredients. I mean, what good would that serve anyways?

That’s the cool thing about the Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer – it’ll hydrate the heck out of your face and it contains a whole whack of amazing ingredients (hyaluronic acid being my personal favourite).

So what’s the hype about this primer? It’s basically a moisture magnet that locks in the good stuff and hydrates your skin times a thousand while keeping your makeup in place. Way to go, Hydro!

I’ve been experimenting with this product for a while now and I’m finally ready to share my thoughts! Let’s get into it!

Let’s start with first impressions – the packaging! Personally, I love the look of the bottle. It’s sleek and minimal, which is so appealing to me. The bottle has a pump that actually pumps the perfect amount of product for one entire application. The only downfall about the pump is when you reach the end of the bottle it becomes like a game of Jenga to slurp up the final few doses of product.

Next up – the formula. This has probably been said a million times already, but it’s weird. Simple as that. But that’s quite possibly the best part. The best way to describe it is by comparing it to a gel formula. As you rub it in, it becomes tacky, and is surprisingly extremely easy to apply. The tackiness is heaven for keeping your makeup in place all day. If you’re in a hurry, this might not be the best to use because it takes a couple of minutes to sink into your skin. Trust me – this is so sooo important or else your foundation will begin to peel.

Let’s talk finish! The best way to describe the finish of this primer is by comparing it to a satin, glass-like finish. It won’t be dewy and it won’t be matte. It’s in-between the two. I’ve always worn this product with foundation, but I bet it would look just as fab without concealer or foundation if you just want some h20 and glow.

It retails for $30.00 and will give you 45 ml worth of product. There is a mini size if you’re like me and are afraid of committing to a product right off the hop. I think this primer is worth every cent and would purchase it over and over again.

Didn’t want to read the entire thing? Here’s a recap: This primer is a hydrating hero and deserves all the hype. I’m not shy to admit that I am head over heels for this primer so much so that it’s become a staple in my everyday makeup routine.

So what’s it look like unfiltered? Here’s a peak at its performance three-hours in.

Ps. unless you decide to go run a tough mudder, your makeup won’t smudge for many more hours.

So friends, whether you’re dying to add a new product to your collection or you’re at odds about clicking the check-out button: this is your sign.

Is primer essential to your routine? Let’s talk! Tell me in the comments what you look for in a primer.

With love,


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