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These past few weeks of quarantine have resulted in infinite hauls many of which have come from my all-time favourite clothing store – Dynamite; a Montreal-based retail company. Its sister company is Garage, but offers (IMO) much more chic and timeless styles for girls trying to *adult*.

FYI – this post is not sponsored though that would be super cool because I’m a super fan.

I first discovered Dynamite many moons ago when I was working out of town as a summer student. I ventured to the nearest city to get my dose of retail therapy, and stumbled upon the store. To be honest, I wasn’t truly won over that day. The styles were cute, but at the time my aspirations revolved around becoming a makeshift boho Brandy Melville babe.

When I went back home after that summer, I had almost forgotten about it. It’s weird to think, but online shopping wasn’t a huge deal for me back then. Fast forward five or so years – I am no longer into hoarding t-shirts plastered with half moons or feathered jewelry.

I guess you could say my style matured and thank god for it.

From one of my hauls I found this cute, floral blouse that I am loving for spring. In my humble and slightly biased opinion, spring and florals go together as well as cabernet and cheese. It’s a great pairing.

Details, details, details. These are so important to make effortless styling look like you gave it more than a few seconds of thought. This blouse has an adjustable tie front and balloon sleeves which both really play into the fancy factor of amping up an outfit.

I’ve paired the blouse with high-waisted skinny jeans and some beige loafers to give the curb appeal of easy, everyday styling. You can easily dress up the look by tossing on a pair of heels, adding some gold hoops and a sleek top-knot, and you’ll be off to the races.

I know florals are going to be every where this spring. So, if you feel like contributing to this trend: here’s some unsolicited advice when incorporating florals to your closet!

Make the florals the main part of your outfit: If you’re adding a touch of florals on a top or blouse, try to keep the other half simple. This will help to avoid clashing patterns, and will be less distracting on the eye.

Colour coordinate: A simple trick to enhancing the florals in a style piece is to match the other half of your outfit with a co-existing colour. For example, I matched the blue in the blouse with a pair of blue denim jeans. This helps to bring out the colours in the top and make the outfit more cohesive.

Don’t limit yourself to floral garments: It’s tempting to want to make a grand statement by choosing a floral garment as the main focus of the outfit. The sad truth is sometimes clothing like this becomes dated, and we leave it in the hollows of our closet when the next season comes around. Branch out and play with floral accessories. My favourite pair of earrings I own are a delicate pair of floral drop earrings that add flavour and class to any outfit.

Do florals play a role in your styling inspo? Let me know in the comments below.

With love,


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