finding your way through

New here? So am I. I'm happy to have at least that much in common with you. For starters, I want to make clear that this is a safe space. One of adventure, experiences and a heck ton of fun. I hope you find inspiration in exploring your own backyards or neighbourhood as much as I love wandering through mine. 

meet ashley

If you're reading this, welcome. This is a new journey for me so allow me to introduce myself. I'm Ashley - a full-time graduate student and a huge fan of searching for new experiences. I love adventure. And I promise I'm not saying that as some do in their dating profiles to sound intriguing - I burn for new experiences. 

Here's hoping you caught my Bridgerton reference there.

Anyhoo, I've always found new experiences to be exhilarating. And I'm not talking about the kinds of experiences one has overseas or backpacking. Don't get me wrong I think that would be so cool. But I mean exploring your own neighbourhood. Trying a new coffee shop, going on a new hiking trail, driving an hour from town to sit on a pile of sand for the day. Whatever it is, I find so much beauty and freedom in that. 

So that is the purpose of this blog. To share those experiences. To help others fall in love with and see the beauty in their own backyards. So let's embark on a "staycation" together, if you will, and discover the nooks and crannies yearning for admiration.