Meet Ashley – a twenty-two year old part-time blogger and full-time grad student in London, Ontario, and the face behind the lifestyle blog Girl Way Up North.

Odd isn’t it? To read about me in third person when you know I’m the one writing it? Enough with that madness.

Welcome to my quarter-life crisis – even though I have a few more years until I can officially adopt that saying. Oh well! Here you’ll probably find that I have a tendency to get way too excited about mom jeans, cold brew coffee, florals, skin care, and dogs. Oh, and I love nachos!

I wanted to create a space where you’ll find a curation of posts that I can share my stories, travels, and easy-styling tips.

I hope it serves as a source of inspiration for you.

Follow along as I navigate into adulthood and stumble across the romantics of life; unfiltered and honest opinions only.


With love,